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Originally uploaded by textblaster5000

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Originally uploaded by textblaster5000
Learning how to roll down the hill in front of the Conservatory of Flowers at Golden Gate Park on a spectacularly beautiful sunny 70 degree day in January.
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Originally uploaded by textblaster5000

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61 SIXTY ONE  It seems weird, that my physical life is not limitless, but bound by a lifespan.
  1. surreal - Definition from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

    1 : marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream; also : unbelievable, fantastic
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Sunrise, and the Tulip Poplar tree is a spectacular vision of color, drenched in yellows and pale greens. My view is from inside the crown, so the intense colors are criss crossed with a lacework of branches, made dark by the recent rains.

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Raining, cold, wind blowing the leaves off the tulip poplar, pale gray overcast making the day darker, water sounding the gutter drains, cozy and dry inside.

My first memories of rain.......I am 9, alone, huddled in a fort made of wooden crates and pallets. I can smell grass, newly wet dirt, soggy cardboard,and pine. My hair and shoes are wet, but I am cozy and warm inside my little nest thinking that this is the best place on earth to be at the moment.  The FORT, built by my siblings and neighbor kids, was located in the middle of a vacant lot next to our suburban  house in Los Banos Ca. We played all summer outside, no organized sports or lessons, no school for 3 months. We just played, it was great. Rain meant time for school, less to play, I spent as much time as I could outside, even in the rain.

Windshield wipers droning on long car trips while I daydreamed, laying tucked up on the shelf, under the back window. DEE- DI- DOV- ER

Stomping in puddles till my boots filled and made the bottom of my toes wrinkle.

Floating home-made boats down the curb gutters with my little brother.

Face up, catching drops on my tongue getting my glasses wet, and soaking my already tangled mop, darkening it from strawberry to rust.

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I tend to forget about many of the small sewing projects I have made over the years. Most of them are one of a kind, made for friends and family for specific occasions. I enjoy thinking about the end user as I merrily create in my quiet studio. Her is my production schedule for this month.

3  Tote bags      Made from upholstery and drapery samples, made in 2 weekends with Lorna  for my friend Elaine who donated fabric,
                          one I made for  Audrey, and one, was mostly made by Lorna, for herself.
2 sachets           Made from drapery sample fabric and lavender from by garden for my niece Licia
6 bean bags       with rice and lavender for Licia's kids, Savannah and Charlie
1 skirt                 for Audrey, with buttons up the front, made from  a favorite shirt belonging to my 'now to skinny for it'  husband Joel.
                          The white linen, with little red and blue boats on it.
1 shop apron      Made from a pair of Jeans for Joel from his old pair of size 42 levis that no longer fit. Yea Joel!
11 warmers        Made from a new green fleece blanket, filled with rice and lavender ( one minute in the microwave) I modified a
                           pattern from my sister to make a strap handle on each end of a 2 foot long by 6 inch wide pillow that feels and smells
                           wonderful wrapped on the back of the neck. It also serves as a door or window snake to keep out drafts on windy 
                           winter days.
12 warmers         Made from tiger print fleece, to be filled with rice.
16 t-shirts            Royal blue purchased t-shirts, modified with superman logos, and iron on letters to form the name of the student on
                            the back
14 capes             Red silky superman capes with blue satin ribbon ties for our classroom.
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Shared my tulip poplar quilt with the kids at school yesterday. We have been learning about fall/autumn, collecting leaves on our Monday mile walks, and creating some beautiful paintings and projects. I made this small wall quilt using the leaves from my Tulip Poplar tree as inspiration to show the color changes the leaves go through. It is also heavily beaded and has some sparkle to it. 

Twenty minutes before it was time for the class to go home for the day, the daily announcements from the Principal came on through  the speaker in our classroom.  I was sitting in my rocking chair waiting with my rolled up quilt, and as soon as the announcements were over,  one of the 1st grade boys popped up  next to me, announced the rules and introduced me to the class  like a little mimic.

"Announcement 1, You must sit on the carpet."
"Announcement 2, No talking."
"Announcement 3, No leaving the room." 

"I would like to introduce Mrs Harrison and THE FAMOUS QUILT! 

He was a regular little "Vanna White " jesturing to the parts of the quilt while I talked. Such a little comedian, cuteness incorporated.

I am learning more and more about Autism, delayed development, and how their little minds grow. I'm really enjoying the 3 hours spent with them every school day.
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