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SCHOOL DAYS - catchestheworm
Shared my tulip poplar quilt with the kids at school yesterday. We have been learning about fall/autumn, collecting leaves on our Monday mile walks, and creating some beautiful paintings and projects. I made this small wall quilt using the leaves from my Tulip Poplar tree as inspiration to show the color changes the leaves go through. It is also heavily beaded and has some sparkle to it. 

Twenty minutes before it was time for the class to go home for the day, the daily announcements from the Principal came on through  the speaker in our classroom.  I was sitting in my rocking chair waiting with my rolled up quilt, and as soon as the announcements were over,  one of the 1st grade boys popped up  next to me, announced the rules and introduced me to the class  like a little mimic.

"Announcement 1, You must sit on the carpet."
"Announcement 2, No talking."
"Announcement 3, No leaving the room." 

"I would like to introduce Mrs Harrison and THE FAMOUS QUILT! 

He was a regular little "Vanna White " jesturing to the parts of the quilt while I talked. Such a little comedian, cuteness incorporated.

I am learning more and more about Autism, delayed development, and how their little minds grow. I'm really enjoying the 3 hours spent with them every school day.
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