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www.facebook.com/album.phpJoel has lost 6 inches from his waist, creating a new recycling challenge for 10 pair of perfectly good pants. The Levi's are easy, I created a shop apron in one hour for my sweetie. Joel lifts the bottom up and covers his workbench, so he can keep small parts from falling on the floor. He is inventing a new Sax ligature.

Here is the recipe.

I cut out the zipper
Cut out the inseams and save  for the ties DO NOT CUT OUTSIDE SEAMS OF PANTS. 
Straighten up the seams, by cutting off the v-shape of the crotch
Sew up front seam, then zig zag the raw edges to the apron.
Attache the bib, made from the bottom portion of a pant leg.
Place the  bottom edge, wrong side of bib 1/2 inch below top of pants wrong side and sew. 
Flip up the Bib to finished position and sew across, working from the back side of the apron.
Insert the ties 2 inches into the waistband and top stitch.
Attach neck strap or ties
Fold over all the raw edges once, and zig zag.

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David E. Weekly Everything about her was joyously supersized, the product of a creator eager to ensure no part (lips nor heart) was underdone.

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Good Morning,

Thanks for the help with my paper quilt, two heads are better than one when it comes to quilt strategies. I drew an 8 " square on copy paper, added the curved lines, and printed 3 per square, so there will be a surface to glue the cut pieces on. I hope they fit in the laminating machine.

Ron and Deb brought me a star gazer lily arrangement, and home made soap when they came for dinner at 6:00.

We enjoyed strawberry lemon aid over crushed ice, garnished with mint and lemon slices, along with mushroom squares topped with melted gorgonzola. Joel demonstrated his new invention by the fire in the living room, and they enjoyed my wall quilts.

Since it was raining, I had to nix the outdoor bbq and set the little glass table in the kitchen. It was fun to set a fall table using my leaf dishes, and a simple zinnea bouquet on a rust linen tablecloth.

My red oblong quiche dish was perfect to serve the chicken in a green basil sauce. The pasta bowl was filled with ribbons of egg noodles tossed with browned butter, and I used the blue print chinese serving dish for the home grown tomato caprese salad. A large tossed green salad and warm, sliced french bread filled out the simple menu, served buffet style on the counter.

I brought out a crystal bowl with cut up fresh peaches and blue berries and a plate of chocolate chip cookies that had survived the snitchey grabbers.

We took our coffee down to the theater in the sound room, and watched Duplicity with Clive Owens and Julia Roberts. Deb has a corporate law practice, so this witty and well done movie was a perfect choice.

Since they arrived at 6:00, we made an early night of it and said our good byes by 10:00.

I plan on working on our quilt squares after school today. We sure had a fun week end, thanks for coming.

Chicken recipe
Process basil, toasted pine nuts, garlic, a bit of oil
Mix it with white sauce seasoned with freshly grated nutmeg
Spoon it over chicken breasts
Bake @ 400 for 20 minutes.
Serve with extra sauce.

Mushroom squares
Melt a clove of garlic in 2 T. butter, and saute 3 cups of mushrooms
Process with 1 cup bread crumbs, one egg, salt pepper.
Bake 350 20 minutes in a spring form pan
Cool, cut into squares and place on parchment lined pan one inch apart
Top with gorgonzola cheese and pop in the oven just before guests are due.
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Big fat wet drops played a syncopated rhythm on the wrought iron gate outside my bedroom window, waking me at 3:45 am.


Where are those big eyed, pajama clad munchkins of mine that stood in the doorway counting the minutes between flashes of lightning and the boom of thunder, one one-thousand, two one-thousand, in the middle of the night, cheering, and celebrating the mysteries of nature?


I stood outside this morning before dawn,  inhaling the dusty scent of  the driveway cobblestones, newly wet from an end of Summer rain, missing my children when they were children.

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4 days off= Santa Cruz crab feed, and 700 pages of reading with my feet up in my own back yard. Yesterday I had a hike through 60 acres of pear, prune, fig, apple, and persimmon trees followed by a wonderful buffet served in the packing shed and enjoyed under the trees with the Fox family.

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I am staying in San Fransisco for a week in Dan's apartment on Judah between 14th and 15th street. Baby Andrew arrived 5 days ago, and one of my grandma duties is to entertain a very loud and busy 2 year old Thomas, Elita can focus on baby Andrew. 

City living is strange and exciting for a suburbanite like me.  The Muni has  two over head  cables that  have a distinctive whine, as streetcars full of people barrel down the hill, metal wheels scraping the tracks, 20 feet from the front of the house. It's like an old sit com here, conversation pauses while the train passes, shaking the apartment.  The hills here are giving me a workout, especially with a 30 pound two year old and a basket full of groceries to push up the incline.  Thomas and I have a grand time on our walks, singing our ABC's  to strangers, enjoying the smell of  exotic foods wafting from small cafes and finding all sorts of nooks and crannies with luxurious plants and vines that seem to sprout from the sidewalk.
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Sleep, Don’t Mock Me

I wake up with the sun; regardless of what time I retire in the evening.  About 5:00 am, the frogs and birds are up, just about the same time as me, singing and croaking, ready for a new day. As my family will attest, I am an annoyingly chatty, happy person bright and early in the morning, if I have gotten enough sleep. On the contrary, woe unto him that wakes me before I get at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. My family, having been the brunt and cause of my tantrums, has learned to cope and prevent my outbursts by treading lightly and keeping the noise level down, after I conk out, usually between 9 and 10.  This in itself is quite a feat of careful planning, considering the fact that they come alive at night and stay up until 1:00 and sometimes 4:00 am.

 It took a while, especially during the teenage years, but our system is working well, until our little feathered friend arrived to mock us. He sings ALL NIGHT LONG! He can imitate almost any sound with his loud high-pitched birdie voice. His favorites, besides other birds, are bullfrogs and car alarms. He perches right outside my bedroom window on the topmost branch of the tallest tree around, occasionally jumping up two feet, flapping his wings mid song, then landing precisely on the same fragile branch. He is a Northern Mockingbird, common to California, as seen here http://ibc.lynxeds.com/video/northern-mockingbird-mimus-polyglottos/frontal-view-adult-perched-singing

What to do? I can't ground him, or threaten to take away his toys or car. I guess I just have to hope he finds a mate soon so he can get busy and stop annoying me. Oh, what if a mate wants to sing a duet all night? Quick, where is the cat?

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First post 4/5/09

The Sandwich Generation, 'aging parents, and boomerang adult kids all under this Baby Boomer's roof.

Are you like me? How do you cope/operate? How has the current economic downfall changed your lifestyle?

 Krak-a-don: Crack of Dawn, up with the chickens. I walk at dawn most days to keep limber so I can chase after my two year old grandson, cook and clean for a family of 6, and care for my aging parents.

Born a middle child, I am comfortable with my role as a member of the  Sandwich Generation. My nest has never been empty, by the time Audrey,  the last of my four children went off to college, her sister Amanda, blessed me with a new grandson to care for while she worked.  When her second child arrived, it was time for her to be a stay at home mom, so I went back to work for a couple of years. Last year, my 25 year old son,Tom, moved home to go back to school, graduated, found a great job, and decided to live here and pay rent.  In January, my 35 year old son, Dan, migrated back here from his 7 years in China, with Elita,  his Chinese wife, and 2 year old son named Thomas. They are expecting another boy in two months, and will live with us for a few months after the new baby arrives, then find a place in San Fransisco.

Here is how I operate with so many generations, unless Murphy's Law throws another wrench into the plan.

5:00   I wake to marimba tones from my I-phone, switch on the flashlight mode, dress in warm clothes, and tiptoe out.
5:30   meet my walking buddy downtown and walk by streetlight, for 45 minutes, pick up fresh bagels and drive home.
6:30   Check email, blog, read online papers, catch a missed episode from last nights tv line up.
7:00   Dan hands me Thomas, a sleepy 2 year old,  makes a latte and bagel and heads off for his hour commute.
8:00   Big Tom, my 25 year old son, swings through the kitchen and grabs a coffee on his way off to work. 
9:00   Hubby Joel appears dressed and ready for work, makes himself a bowl of cold cereal and is off to work.
10:00 Thomas helps me make his breakfast (loves to crack eggs), we eat, and do a bit of cleaning up together, stopping to    
          use the potty like a big boy, with a jelly bean reward. (that is a whole other blog for later). We watch an hour of PBS
          kids, and I make phone calls. We water the plants on the deck and plays in his toy kitchen or sand box. Some days we
          go for a walk and count the  mail boxed on our street, and sing about the wheels on the bus, or old Mc Donald and his
          farm. He is a delightful, happy child, and sings constantly.
11:00 My daughter-in-is up after a wakeful night helping Thomas adapt to his new big boy bed. She makes her breakfast, and
          cleans up the kitchen.  We usually go to appointments for her or Thomas and go food shopping and run errands. Some 
          days we go to the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose, or to the park.
12:00  After lunch, I might need to  head over the Santa Cruz mountains alone,  to check on my parents while the baby naps. I
           take them to their appointments, fix my mothers hair, and help with tasks in the yard or house. I play a game of  
           canasta and  visit with them, then head back home, stopping on the way for a short walk on the beach.
5:00   I Start thinking about preparing for a home made  dinner, usually salad, two veggies, a starch and some kind of meat
           dish. Elita, is learning to  cook American food, and teaches me about Chinese cooking as well.
6:30   Dinner is ready for those who are home to eat it, late comers can warm it in the microwave. Elita clears and does the   
          dishes, thank goodness, because I am pooped.
7:00  Jeopardy blaring, toys beeping and buzzing, the pitter and patter of big and little feet, and everyone emitting some kind
          of sound. Joel and i often escape to our home theater in the detached garage and miss all the goings on.
9:00   Can't come soon enough, I am ready for my bed.

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I have a very good friend named Sharon who cares enough about my health and her own, to meet me at 'O-Dark-Thirty' every day to walk by streetlight downtown.  The  marimba ring tone on my IPhone goes off at 5:00 am, reminding me that she will be waiting, all alone  in a dark parking lot, if I don't roll out of bed and get going. It is cold cold cold and damp outside, so I huddle near the car heater, and drive the almost empty road into town. We walk along the storefronts out of the wind at a pace fast enough to stay warm, and talk about our daily lives in the easygoing way of old friends. When we first met, our children were infants, now they are grown, graduated from college and out in the world.  Sharon will join me in becoming a grandmother this Christmas, the first of my friends to share that joy.  We had a good walk today. Friends are a good thing.

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Enough is enough already! I filled out my ballot and mailed it this morning. Now, do not talk politics, send me funny or scathing emails, knock on my door or call me with voting requests. This election, more than any other in my memory, has made the differences in political opinions more evident, creating a negative tension that is difficult to ignore. In these last few days before the election, I am turning off the TV! God Bless America, the land of the free and home of the brave.

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